Cabir Maira

Real Name: Cabir Maira

Genres: drama

Birthday: 18 July, 2014

Birthcity: Mumbai, India

Created: 11.08.2013



First film: Khudgarzi

Last movie:

Cabir Maira is an Indian Television actor, currently playing the role of Anand Swami, the Head of SIU (RAW) in Life OK and Sphere Origins' Fiction, Suspense Thriller television series 2613. 2613 is the sequel to 2612, that started airing on 25 March 2013 at 9pm Mon-Fri on Life OK after the apparent death of its lead antagonist Shahana Malik (Shikha Singh).

Hailing from Panipat, Son of Hari Maira and Bindu Maira and Brother of Brahm Maira, Cabir Maira now lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Cabir is not only an expressive actor but also a very talented individual. He is an Audio Engineer, having received the Bachelors Degree In Multimedia, Audio Engineering, Film and Webdesign from SAE World Headquarters, Byron Bay, New South Wales.[1] Equipped with both on-stage and behind the screen experience, Cabir has worked at the Fox Studios, Sydney as an intern and on the background score for few Hollywood movies. Cabir has also worked as the Second Unit Director or Assistant Director for Vikram Bhatt's "Shaapit: The Cursed" (2010), ASA Productions & Enterprises. Apart from this, Cabir also works as a Freelance Voice-Over Artist, Sound Engineer, Music Producer, Video Editor and DJ. In 2012, he was also seen in a music video titled "Khudgarzi" as an actor with Shaan.

Cabir Maira photos

Cabir Maira filmography:

Movies Role
2612 (2013) Jidda / Anand Swami

coming soon

  1. Dhoom 4
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