Aa ab Laut Chalen (1999)


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Duration: 178 minutes

Genre: Drama

Release date: 22 January 1999


Director: Rishi Kapoor

Writers: Sachin Bhowmick

Box office:


Music Composer: Nadeem-Shravan

Rohan is a jobless graduate living in the Delhi-based Khanna family with his widowed mother and grandfather. His father Balraj was killed in an accident many years ago. Rohan leaves Delhi for USA at the request of his friend to improve his life. Upon arrival in New York he finds shelter with Iqbal and Sardar. Rohan becomes a taxi-driver. One of his rides is a young woman named Pooja who has no one to call her own. He brings her to his home, and Pooja falls in love with Rohan but Rohan wants to make money and hence wants to marry a richer girl like Loveleen a spoiled rich girl, whom Rohan decides marry. When his friends oppose his decision, Rohan leaves their home, decides to live with Pooja - and a life full of uncertainties.

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Star As
 Rajesh Khanna... Balraaj Khanna
 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan... Pooja Walia
 Akshaye Khanna... Rohan Khanna
 Moushumi Chatterjee... Rohans Mother
 Navin Nischol... Ashwin
 Kader Khan... Sader
 Paresh Rawal... PC Jack Patel

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