Indian (1990)


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Genre: Drama

Release date: 26 October 2001


Director: N. Maharajan


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DCP Raksekhar Azad (Raj) is an invincible cop with a great aim. He arrests a terrorist by the name of Khan. But Khan lands in a prison cell that looks cushier than the Buckingham Palace. However, this gets Raj promoted, and he is congratulated by none other than his father-in-law, who is also a very high ranking policeman. Then all of a sudden, Raj finds out that many policemen would like to see Khan go free. He discusses this issue with his father-in-law, and to his surprise, does not find any support from him. Disagreements and arguments ensue, and as a result, his father-in-law gets killed. The Police suspect Raj of killing him, they begin the process of arresting him, he runs away, while Khan is all set to get freed to do whatever he likes.

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Star As
 Sunny Deol... DCP Rajshekhar Azad
 Shilpa Shetty... Anjali Rajshekar Azad
 Mukesh Rishi... Khan
 Raj Babbar... DGP Suryapratap Singh
 Om Puri... Joginder Singh
 Rana Jung Bahadur... Havaldar Mushtaq Singh
 Deepak Shirke... Veer Bahadur Singh
 Danny Denzongpa... Shankar Singhania

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