Gandhi, My Father (2007)


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Duration: 136

Genre: Drama, History

Release date: 3 August 2007

Slogan: To the People...He was a Father. To his Son..

Director: Feroz Abbas Khan


Box office:

Producer: Anil Kapoor

Music Composer:

With Gandhi My Father, maker Anil Kapoor and manager Feroz Abbas Khan have lose gentle onto Gandhi the person, as opposed to Gandhi the icon. Applying Gandhi’s political career as a fabric, the picture offers a photo of his complex, complex, and stretched connection with his son Harilal Gandhi.

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Star As
 Darshan Jariwala... Mahatma Gandhi
 Akshaye Khanna... Harilal Gandhi
 Bhoomika Chawla... Gulab Gandhi
 Shefali Shetty... Kasturba Gandhi
 Vinay Jain... Kanti Gandhi

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