Mouchak (2013)


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Duration: Unknown

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Release date: 25 March 2013


Director: Unknown


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Music Composer: Unknown

'Mouchak' is a family show on a lighter note. The story basically speaks about the importance of having good values in life, being honest, hardworking and true to one’s own self. It celebrates the joint family system and the strength of being together. In Mouchak we see a changed employee – employer relationship, where the once affluent employer finds shelter from the employee. It teaches us that money is important but relationships are priceless. Tossed with a punch of humor the story takes an attempt to revive of the long lost middle class values through a heartwarming love story uniting two families from two different classes and value system.

The story explores what would happen if there is a role reversal between the master and servant.

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