Amrit Manthan (2012)


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Duration: 30 minutes

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Release date: 26 February 2012


Director: Romesh Kalra & Neeraj Baliyan

Writers: Sonali Jaffar, Gaurav Sharma, Vibha Singh & M

Box office:

Producer: Rajan Shahi

Music Composer:

Amrit Manthan is the unsual story of two sisters Amrit and Nimrit, and how their bond gets sour in wake of circumstances. Amrit the elder sister is brought up as the Royal Heir to an almost losing royalty and is a mirror personality to her grandmother, the Rajmata. She believes marriage is the only opportunity that can salvage their losing royalty. Whereas Nimrit is just the opposite, she does not take her lineage too seriously, and thinks from her heart rather than her head. Sister's who were the best of friends ever, what would have gone between them that they have become the worst of enemies. Come, see the journey, watch Amrith Manthan 26th February onwards at 8:20 pm on Life OK.

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Star As
 Ankita Sharma... Rajkumari Nimrit Agam Malik/Natasha Yug Mehra
 Dimple Jhangiani... Rajkumari Nimrit Agam Malik/Shivangi Singh / Rajkumari Shivangi Kaur Sodhi
 Amardeep Jha... Rajmata Manpreet Kaur Sodhi
 Karan Mehra... Yug Mehra
 Nandita Puri... Rani Rippan Kaur Sodhi
 Mohan Kapoor... Devendra Oberoi
 Waseem Mushtaq... Tej Malik
 Charu Asopa... Gayatri
 Adaa Khan... Rajkumari Amrit Kaur Sodhi
 Navi Bhangu... Agam Mahinder Malik
Sangaay Kwangchuck
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Bhawana Girotra
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